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Body Wrap | 90 minutes | $100


Starting with a clay and seaweed body wrap loaded with natural ingredients of plant extracts, trace elements, minerals, and vitamins that work to detoxify, stimulate blood circulation, and increase lymphatic movement for soothing, slimming, firming, detoxification, and cellulite care.


While your body and skin are enjoying this amazing mineral boost, relax further with a mini pedicure or choose a reflexology massage.  Add $25


The treatment is finished with an application of sea weed spray. Your Body Wrap will gently cleanse, nourish, revitalize, moisturize and renew the skin, leaving it silky, smooth and looking radiant.


Body Scrub | 1 hour | $80


Enjoy a body exfoliation that uses all natural ingredients, like seaweed, Himalayan crystal salt, vanilla beans, and coffee grounds. This relaxing treatment will polish away dull and dry surface skin cells, leaving your skin wonderfully soft, smooth, and firm. Experience overall rejuvenation with the elimination of toxins from your body, improvement of blood circulation, and drainage of the lymphatic system. Hot lavender-scented towels, and a head-to-toe massage will ease you into a state of restorative calm. An ideal choice for pampering your entire body.

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