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Chemical Facial Peel | $80


          A chemical peel is the application of a chemical to the skin in order to remove damaged or problem layers of skin. 


How Does a Chemical Peel Work?

          Chemical peel solutions vary widely in their intensity, with each degree of intensity targeting a different layer of skin. The more intense the chemical, the more layers of damaged skin that are removed. Each chemical works by exfoliating and drying out the problem layers of skin so the body will naturally shed the unwanted areas (acne, brown spots, melasma, sun damaged skin, wrinkles or other skin problems), exposing healthy, younger skin underneath.


What is the Procedure?

          The average Chemical Peel appointment 45 minutes. Patients arrive at the office, the face or targeted skin is cleaned and then chemicals are applied to the treatment area. After the treatment all chemicals are rinsed and patients are given post care instructions to follow to aid recovery.


What is the Recovery Time?

          3-7 days – Patients receiving a Chemical Peel treatment can expect to see pealing or flaking skin from the treated area during recovery. There may be minor irritation but patients are fully capable of returning to their regular activities immediately. It is important that patients abstain from sun exposure during the recovery period, keeping the skin properly protected and moisturized.


What Are the Expected Results?

          In a week peeling is complete and new skin is exposed, giving a youthful appearance to the treated area.